An Art Blog!

Hey all – John here. I decided this morning it would be kinda fun to turn these drawing pages into sort of a more interactive format. I feel like my own personal site is a bit lifeless, but perhaps this could liven it up just a bit where you all could interact with me and vice versa on here.

As far as what I’m up to art-wise, I haven’t started any new drawings recently, but I have picked up a project that I have only picked up once or twice since starting in July. I might divulge what it is soon. šŸ™‚ It’s totally different than any of the other drawings on here… and is even being drawn from a photo I took, so it’ll be nice to have a project I’m completely responsible for for a change (since portraits are often drawn from someone else’s photo artwork… something my high school art teacher HATED!).

Lastly, I recently dug out my old college art portfolio and took out some old projects to replace them with most of the drawings you see on here… including a few works in progress or unfinished works. It’s kind of exciting. I’m really enjoying getting back into an artsy sort of swing of things. šŸ™‚ Hopefully I’ll be updating this site more.

Thanks for reading! – John

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