Eric Champion

This portrait of singer Eric Champion is actually one I did while in high school in 1996. It originated as a just a sketch in a barren sketchbook. It had basically disappeared till the 1997 art show in which I resurrected it for entry. My teacher suggested I cut it out, raise it up on foam core and place a background on it. The red became symbolic of the frustration Eric shows. Thankfully, we were pleased with its outcome and in the spring of 2000, I scanned it and printed it for my portfolio so it would be transportable.

I think the original 3-dimensional drawing is tossed into a drawer somewhere now, but now in 2010, I still kind of find this to be a fun one. And for a little trivia – Eric Champion was a popular CCM pop artist in the early 90s but decided to try an electronic rock thing in 1996 with his album “Transformation.” This drawing was done from a photo taken during the photo shoot for that album.

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