Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon

For Christmas, 2004, I drew that picture from “Serendipity” for my wife Amy as one of her gifts. I was honestly shocked at how much she loved it. When I asked her why she liked that picture over others I’d done for her in the past, it was because I’d captured such a happy moment. When I realized that, despite drawing two scenes before from movies she absolutely loved, I’d naively picked two serious moments from them (and they were “Titanic” and “City Of Angels” to make matters worse).

On November 15, 2005, in the middle of the night while she was working her usual graveyard shift at the hospital, I searched through some stills online from romantic films we’d seen till I selected this one from “Just Like Heaven.” While this moment in the film is a bittersweet moment, I’d hoped she would connect with it and feel it’s a warm image like the one I’d done for her before. I started the drawing around 3 AM and worked on it on and off for weeks up until December 23rd when I reluctantly decided it was done [enough]. So here you have it! The finished product is 9 x 12, drawn in varying degrees of graphite pencils on bristol board paper.

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