Rebecca St. James and sister, Libby

I drew this picture out of being a big fan of Rebecca St. James during my teen years. I had tried several drawings of her in the past but they were all rather unsuccessful. This picture, found in her 40 Days with God devotional book, looked so cute. It soon became a challenge because it was my first portrait with 2 people (Becca with her little sister, Libby). I completed the task with a large range of pencil weights and an ebony pencil to get the blackest areas. In this photo, Rebecca’s about 18 or 19 and her sister’s about 2.

At Creation East 2000 in Mount Union, PA, I got a chance to very briefly meet Rebecca on her tour bus to give her not a copy, but the actual drawing of this. Although she seemed pleased, I am still a little uncertain exactly how she “received” the drawing. I imagine she gets a lot of portraits, but I hope she gave it a good home. I remember almost immediately regretting letting go of this one. 🙂 Thankfully, I have a detailed print I made of it before I passed it on. And I’m glad it’s saved here online too. 🙂

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