Drawing Fever

Since launching my “drawing-a-day” campaign, I’ve just been focusing on having fun stretching myself and making sure it all stays fun.

As mentioned earlier, I did unearth my old comic book collection and have been using that as inspiration for different styles of drawing. Before leaving for work in Nashville for a few days, I devoted a couple of those daily drawings to one pen sketch of a Real Ghostbusters comic book cover….

It sort of breaks the goal but it’s still having me make time for more drawing time. I’m already feeling less rusty.

And while in Nashville, despite thoroughly enjoying my time there, I felt myself genuinely missing drawing. One afternoon, my buddy Kevin and I stopped in a Starbucks to hang out and I saw a middle-aged man sitting by the entrance with a huge drawing pad and a box of professional grade art markers. He was working on some kind of cartoony map and it looked fantastic. I knew that man hadn’t gotten as good as he did at his craft by taking time off for other things. He had to have practiced and exercised his talents. I was inspired and it just made me miss my new artistic goals more.

Now that I’m back home, I look forward to trying to get back into the swing of this!

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