Drawing of Tom Cruise in Minority Report


(finished product, April 27, 2013)

This drawing has an interesting story to me… I started it in my sketchbook on December 30, 2002 and apparently only worked on it the following day before never coming back to it. (Although I remember working on it on a break at my job at the time, so I assume I did pick it up in 2003 at some point? But I never wrote the date on the back if I had). I didn’t touch it again until April 23, 2013 and I worked on it on the 24th, 26th and 27th to finish it. It’s really satisfying to have it finally finished 10 and a half years later!

My process and style certainly changed over time too. My reference for the drawing in 2002 was a promo screenshot from the movie that I’d printed out in black and white. To work on it in 2013, I found the same photo as a wallpaper graphic online and viewed it on my iPad as a reference. The additional detail was a huge help. For parts of the scene that weren’t in the reference photo (background, and some parts of his arm and fingers and hair), I paused the film and used that as a reference.

…and working with sketchbook paper reminds me just how much I do NOT miss that crummy paper to work with. 🙂

Tom Cruise 2002

The original drawing as abandoned after 2002/2003 as it was found in my sketchbook before working on it again. As you can see, I had lots left to do, but the basic groundwork had already been laid out.

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