Prismacolor, Graphite Pencil Drawing of Optimus Prime from Transformers: Age of Extinction


After Roger & Eddie, I decided to attempt something I felt very uncomfortable with. I grew up with Transformers and I love Optimus Prime, but the detail in Michael Bay’s take on Transformers is just… overwhelming! So I decided to step out of my comfort zone and attempt an Optimus portrait. I drew it out in pencil first before going in with colored pencil and then I did most of the grays with graphite and the blacks with an Ebony black pencil. This was a time-consuming but fun one!

This was also one of the first times my 3 and a half year old really took interest in my artwork. He spent some time watching me work on it and it was truly rewarding to get his thumbs up… even if he was confused as to why this Optimus didn’t match the animated one 😉  It was especially rewarding to show him the finished product framed and hanging in our hallway – much to his approval. 🙂

Etsy link for prints:


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