Bill Murray as Peter Venkman in Ghostbusters with Animated Peter

Peter-and-PeterLike Egon before him, this one proved to be a huge struggle for me. First of all, I wanted a different-than-usual pose of Bill as Peter, and I wanted animated Peter to match the character well. I was drawn to the portraitesque post of Bill during Peter’s first encounter with Peck. I liked the smug look on his face as he absorbed Peck’s outrageous accusations. And I’d originally selected a serious action shot of animated Peter, but changed it to the smiling one from the show’s opening credits. But as I worked on Bill’s portrait, I really, really struggled with the likeness. I believe I erased his face entirely two or three times. (Or most of it at least). Because I was working from a screenshot, it wasn’t the highest clarity to pull from, and I think that was part of the problem (that and the slight tilt of his head that was throwing me off). I finally paused the 4K Blu-Ray of the film in that scene and took a snapshot with my phone to work from. That was better than the transfer I had on my iPad. All this to say — this proved to be a challenge just as much if not more so than the Egon one. I even took a break to start Winston before finishing this one.

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