Pencil Drawing of Jim & Pam from TV’s “The Office”

Jim-and-Pam-The-Office-copyI tend to go in cycles… I’ll do some color, then maybe all color, then no color… I feel like an all-graphite drawing is a palette cleanser or a reset button for me. Also, The Office is probably my all-time favorite TV show and I just love Jim & Pam — especially in the first 3 seasons. I wanted to do one of the iconic scene where Pam falls asleep during a meeting in early season 2 and puts her head on Jim’s shoulder. He loves her but she doesn’t know, and she’s engaged to a real jerk in Roy. I decided to change it up and do a little sketch of Jim proposing to Pam from a later season and having it almost like that’s what he’s thinking of while he’s smiling. Part collage, part imagination. To be honest, I don’t love how the proposal image turned out, but I do like Jim & Pam here… Ah, young love… Those head-on-the-shoulder moments were the most frightening and exciting… 🙂

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