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Graphite Drawing of Cary Grant

I’ve had a freehand drawing I did in 2005 hanging in my living room since I drew it… so I felt as though 12 years was a good enough time to spend looking at the same drawing. I’ve tried drawing Cary Grant several times since then, with unsatisfying results, but I decided to give it another go… and now this drawing hangs in place of the old one.

Etsy link for prints:

Here’s a look at the 2005 drawing. I definitely like the new one above better:


Drawing of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story

Cary-Grant-Katharine-Hepburn-The-Philadelphia-Story-copyI love old movies. LOVE ’em. And I’m a huge fan of Cary Grant’s work. I’ve only seen The Philadelphia Story a couple times, but it’s one I like more each time I watch it. This most recent time, I decided to draw this image because I liked the idea of both Cary and Katharine in the same image. It was tricky (and I’m not really happy with it), but it was definitely good practice for a drawing with more than one person in it.

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