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Process of a Portrait: Superman (Henry Cavill) [Colored Pencil and Graphite]

Some people like to see drawings in progress and I have gotten in the habit of taking progress shots with my phone while working on it. It’s good to get another perspective on it, actually, to compare the drawing to the original source photo, and to also see how it evolves over the course of working on it.

After seeing the film “Man of Steel” at midnight on 6/14/13, I started work on this drawing later that morning. I finished it three days later (but “four” sessions: 6/14, 15, 16, 17) in the AM…

The drawing was done entirely freehand (like all of my drawings) without the aid of a grid or tracing or anything.

Superman-1-by-John-DiBiase Superman-2-by-John-DiBiase Superman-3-by-John-DiBiase Superman-4-by-John-DiBiase Superman-5-by-John-DiBiase Superman-6-by-John-DiBiase Superman-7-by-John-DiBiase Superman-8-by-John-DiBiase Superman-9-by-John-DiBiase Superman-10-by-John-DiBiase
Etsy link to purchase prints of the final drawing:


Process of a Portrait: Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)

My latest project is Mark Ruffalo and Hulk which takes my personal experimentation of mixed media to the next level. Here, I decided to do Ruffalo/Bruce Banner entirely in pencil and then fill in Hulk completely in color. The other challenge was merging two different pictures for the first time in this series. Instead of duplicating one portrait, I was marrying two. Here is the process so far — as captured with my iPhone 4S. (Almost done!)