Surrealism Project

In my spring semester of my Freshman year of community college, in Drawing II class, we were instructed to draw a “surrealism” drawing as our final project. Surrealism is basically a partially realistic rendering of a dream-like fantasy world. Examples of professional surrealism is Salvador Dahli‘s famous melting clock painting. (The final product was 18 x 20, and due to its large size, I couldn’t just scan it. Because of that, I had to use a cheap digital computer camera and the result is the low resolution picture you see above.) About the drawing, I wanted to do a portrait in here somewhere with semi-hidden meanings. But I basically kind of tossed random elements in. The girl is none other than Rebecca St. James and the hand is her’s as well. The rose is drawn from a plastic rose. The water drop and ripple are from the cover of Between Thieves‘ “Water” album. The globe is from an atlas, and the ship and water is from dc Talk‘s “Supernatural” promotional photos. This was one of my favorite pieces that year and has remained so throughout college.

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