Cary Grant

I started this Cary Grant portrait in the end of April, 2005, while watching Antz on my laptop (2010 note: I get amusement out of re-reading what I was doing or watching or where I was while working on these drawings. It’s silly trivia, but it’s kind of funny to me).

I chose to draw Cary following the decision to start drawing classic film actors to decorate our apartment with. Eh… gives you a goal, right? Well, when picking who to follow up the Harpo Marx portrait I had finally finished, Cary came to mind. The last night I worked on it, I picked it up around 1 AM and worked through til 7AM (watched “My Favorite Wife,” starring Grant, followed by an edited version of “The Matrix.” Great combo, huh?) when I’d finally finished the drawing that morning on Mother’s Day, May 8th. I scanned it, printed it out, framed it, and gave the print to my Grandmother for Mother’s Day. Just seeing how excited she was was worth every second of toiling over this drawing. It’s not perfect, but I’m mostly happy with it.

Since we moved to a house in 2006, I decided to hang this one – and Harpo – in our living room… where it still hangs. It’s nice that I actually like this one. Ha!

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