Colored Pencil Steven Weber and Tim Daly from TV’s “Wings” Colored Pencil Drawing – Autographed!

Meeting Richard Dreyfuss was a unique experience for me — meeting a celebrity and getting his signature on an original piece of artwork I’d done. I’ve had drawings signed before, but usually they were as prints. I wasn’t ever sure I’d want one of my original drawings inked up. Last year, a gracious Etsy customer was able to get one of my original Evangeline Lilly drawings signed for me at a convention and sent it back to me, and that has been one of my favorite things hanging on my wall. But it’s a different experience getting it done myself.

I love the 90s TV show, Wings. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, and it holds up with multiple viewings. I had the chance to meet Steven Weber, who played Brian Hackett, on my birthday at Chiller in Cherry Hill, NJ. He was super sweet and gracious, too… and helped make my day extra special and memorable. 🙂

This drawing was made with a combination of marker and colored pencil. I put marker down as a base for their skin and shirts and went over it in colored pencil.

Etsy link for (unsigned) prints:


Me and Steven

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