Non-Traditional Self-Portrait

In my spring semester of my Freshman year of community college, in Drawing II class, we were instructed to draw a “non-traditional self-portrait” of ourselves for an assignment. The final product was 18 x 20, and due to its large size, I couldn’t just scan it. Because of that, I had to use a cheap digital computer camera and the result is the low resolution picture you see above. About the drawing itself, we had to incorporate things that symbolize us, as well as part of us in it somewhere. So, the Garfield eating the book stood for how much i like Garfield, plus how much I didn’t like academics. 🙂 The green object is actually an empty Mountain Dew bottle because I love to drink it. The pencil is obviously for drawing, and the CD player is for my love for music. This was actually the project that brought about the death of that CD player, as well. It’s many hours under a light must have fried its circuits. The CD inside it is actually dc Talk‘s “Jesus Freak” album. That was one of the only CDs that I could use the top of to reflect my eye, plus it symbolized how I am, myself, a “Jesus freak.”

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