Kate Winslet… and Lloyd

This used to be one of my all-time favorite portrait drawings — mainly because it’s something different than anything I’d done before and I liked the outcome (which is rare). I just love the fact that Lloyd is just hanging out in the same “world” as us. By the way, that isn’t wine he’s holding. If you look closely, the bottle in his right hand is actually a 2 liter of Mountain Dew (only the best for Lloyd). I drew this picture of Kate Winslet in the Fall of 1998 riding off the Titanic phase that everyone, including myself, went through. I mainly just drew it for fun and for the uniqueness of it. As many of the others, I drew this one using Ebony pencil and various other weights of pencils.

I still kinda get a kick out of this drawing. I’ve never blended realism and cartoons quite like this again (should I?), but it was fun to do. I did, however, do a sketch of my wife Amy while we were dating, where she was kissing Lloyd on the cheek. It wasn’t quite a caricature of her, but it wasn’t as detailed as Kate is here either. Hmm…. maybe I should experiment with this more just for fun…

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