Continuing to Exercise

Since the aforementioned Nashville trip, I’ve considered revisiting Blick to obtain some of the art markers I saw the random artist using that day in Starbucks. I’d used some in college many years ago but they were mostly for sketches, not full on projects.

I’m still drawing regularly, mostly cartoons and comic book art, but I’m constantly trying to stretch my abilities and comfort zone.

On Friday night, I learned how unreliable the well intentioned Google can be and arrived at Blick 15 minutes after closing…. instead of 45 minutes before closing. Today I arrived 45 minutes before closing and browsed their various brands of pens and markers.

Before leaving home, I’d begun a pencil sketch of Cobra Commander from another GI Joe comic book cover I’d recently dug up. I thought how interesting it might be to try it in color and left for the art store.

First of all, $3.29 a marker is a wee bit steep, but I knew they were what I wanted and would need for a nice outcome and knew it’d just have to be an investment into crafting my abilities. I got right to it after arriving home with 10 new, specifically chosen colored markers.

The end result? It’s far from my best sketch but I found the process challenging and awfully fun. I’m eager to try them out more!

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