Drawing of Matthew Fox as Jack Shephard in LOST

How could I do a series of LOST portraits and not draw Jack Shephard, right?

I’m finding that it’s tough to know when a drawing is “done” as I’m pushing myself with detail. This is a computer scan of the drawing, so it doesn’t capture the darker areas as dark as the actual drawing is, but it was really difficult for me to do the scruff on his face (I’m also becoming increasingly aware of how difficult it is for me to get noses right!! length, width… they drive me nuts!). So I deemed this one “done” probably a little sooner than I felt comfortable with, but I had kind of had enough with the scruff 😉 Overall, I do like this one though.

This is an all graphite pencil drawing that I worked on from March 15 – March 24, 2013. I tried to utilize the DESIGN (brand) Ebony Jet Black pencil more here than other recent drawings and I’m pleased with the results it gave…

(Prints are available on my Etsy page)


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