Pencil Drawing of Jaci Velasquez


I hate that when I find an older drawing that could use some touching up, I tend to be reminded of how George Lucas has never been satisfied with his Star Wars work and continues to edit them time and time again. While no work of mine can be compared directly to any of Lucas’, it’s still that mindset of changing your work and never being satisfied with it that reminds me of this.

When I came across my 2000 drawing of Jaci Velasquez from her Crystal Clear album promo photo shoot, I thought about how I used to really like it, but some things about it have always bugged me. And when I realized by looking at it again that the fixes should be easy, I decided to devote a few more hours to it.

I ended up changing the shape of her face, defining some features, and darkening some all-too-light areas. Furthermore, it just reminded me how much I don’t like working with paper that isn’t smooth. 🙂

Above is the new, finished, reworked version. Below is a comparison of the two.

Etsy link for prints of the finished version:

2000/2014 comparison:
Jaci-Velasquez comparison
Original 2000 version:

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