Pencil Portrait of Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster in TV’s PSYCH

Psych-Shawn-and-Gus-Fist-Bump-copyGosh, I loved this show. I watched it on NetFlix per a friend’s suggestion and after about a season into its 8-season run, I was hooked. I love the humor, style and the lightness of it.

If you know the show, you know Shawn and Gus do a “fist bump” as kind of their “thing” as inseparable best buds. I wanted to do a drawing of both of them together doing it, and I liked the source photo I used for this, but Shawn’s appearance changed A LOT over the course of the series. So this one became a challenge as I tried to merge two different images and tweak it to look right. And their facial expressions are just really classic for their characters. I also tried really hard to push the detail (for myself, I mean. Not in general). As usual, it was done entirely freehand with graphite pencil on 9×12 paper.

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