Colored Pencil and Marker Drawing of Egon Spengler, Yakko Warner, and Pinky & the Brain (Autographed)

As if meeting celebrity heroes like Goldblum, Elwes, Fox and Lilly wasn’t enough, it was just amazing to get to meet the voice talent actors Rob Paulsen and Maurice LaMarche! At age 6, I was immediately a fan of the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. I had already loved the movie, and the cartoon show was a wonderful extension of it. I was absolutely thrilled as a teen to discover that “The voice of Egon” was also Brain in Animaniacs’ Pinky & The Brain. And of course, who wouldn’t love Pinky, voiced by Rob Paulsen, who also voiced Yakko of “the Warner Brothers” (and the Warner sister).

In preparation of going to the Expo, I drew this special piece, uniting my two favorite characters from each voice actor. Rob and Maurice were super sweet! And both read their inscriptions back to me in their character voices. (My wife, Amy, even got a thrill when I introduced her to Rob and told him she’s a nurse. He immediately blurted out “Helloooo nurse!!”)

We then posed for a photo with them, and it’s a treasured one for sure. 🙂  (L to R: Maurice, Amy, me, Rob)

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