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Freehand Colored Pencil Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in Star Wars: Rogue One

I get really frustrated with myself with my work. I may like something after I finish it, but I usually find something wrong with it and then don’t like it anymore. That’s what happened with my previous Jyn drawing.

This one… I wanted to do something different and try to incorporate the Rebel U-Wing int he image as well to give it a more unique flair. My comfort zone is to just do straight-forward pencil portraits, but it’s fun, too, to venture outside of that box. However, it’s nerve-racking every time.

The drawing was made with colored pencils with the U-Wing being a mix of colored pencil and graphite.

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Freehand Graphite Portrait of Steven Curtis Chapman

I’ve been inspired by and a fan of Steven Curtis Chapman since the early 90’s. His music got me through high school and has always been instrumental in my walk (and struggles) as a Christian.

When I was first learning how to draw people, Steven was one of the many Christian music artists I attempted to draw. (See below)  After reading his recent memoir, Between Heaven and the Real World, I felt inspired to try to draw him yet again. And it was exciting to be able to share the drawing with Steven, as he responded to my Instagram posts of it.

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Freehand Graphite Abigail Spencer Drawing

With the new TV show Timeless being a refreshing addition to the small screen, I felt compelled to attempt another Abigail Spencer portrait. For this one, I tried something completely new for me. I put down a layer of gray marker before going in with the graphite details. I didn’t LOVE the final result, but it was a fun experiment. I may have to try it again sometime… (I also added a touch of colored pencil for her pupils)

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Freehand Graphite Drawing of Johnny Cash

Here’s a freehand graphite drawing I did of Johnny Cash. I completed it in a couple nights in March, 2017. Admittedly, I didn’t grow up listening to Cash’s music, but I have grown to greatly appreciate his artistry, especially after seeing the film about him, “Walk The Line.”

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Freehand Colored Pencil Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton Drawing from “Twister”

If my memory serves me correctly, the first film I saw at the theater with just friends was 1996’s “Twister.” Upon hearing about Bill Paxton’s tragic passing, I felt it necessary to draw him with Helen from the film. This was done freehand in colored pencil.

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Freehand colored pencil Marilyn Monroe Portrait

It’s nice to try new things from time to time. For this one, I tried laying down a layer of marker on her face before going in with colored pencil. I found it tricky to cover up the marker, but I liked the effect it gave to, say, her lips. It’s definitely a learning experience though…

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Updated Freehand Graphite Tauriel from “The Hobbit”

Sometimes it’s nice to get a second shot at something. Recently, someone purchased my original drawing of Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel in The Hobbit with the intentions of getting it autographed by Lilly at a convention. They asked, however, if I’d add green to her eyes. I obliged, and at the same time, decided to adjust some of her features (like the nose, lips and chin).

I also updated the Etsy listing for prints to be this new, updated version (But you can choose between the two). You can see the old one below the Etsy link…

Graphite Freehand Portrait of Rachel Weisz

It was hard not to love Rachel Weisz in the 1999 remake of “The Mummy.” I’d attempted a portrait of her once before but was pretty unhappy with how it turned out. This drawing is all graphite, done freehand, on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper.

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Colored Pencil Drawing of Tiffani Thiessen


While I was a lot younger than the characters on screen at the time, I did grow up watching Saved By The Bell, and who didn’t love Tiffani Amber Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski? In more recent years, I loved her role in the show White Collar.

I’m wanting to improve at my freehand colored pencil portrait skills, so I found this lovely picture of Tiffani Thiessen and decided to take a stab at it.

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Colored Pencil Drawing of Han and Leia (Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher) from Star Wars

han-and-leia-copySigh. It’s hard to believe Carrie Fisher is really gone…

I use my iPad as a way to display the source photo I’m drawing so I can look at the image and then try to replicate it on the paper nearby (by eyeballing it). Anyway, I keep a folder of images I like that I’d like to possibly draw someday and this was one that was in it for quite a while. Well… with Carrie’s passing, I thought it was time to try it.  (Freehand colored pencil)

It now hangs in our dining room.

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