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Anakin versus Darth Vader commission piece

As a commissioned piece through Etsy, I did this marker and colored pencil drawing that shows Darth Vader/Anakin battling his Jedi self, with the Emperor pulling the strings in the background. It was challenging, but also kind of fun. 🙂

Etsy link for prints:


Colored Pencil Drawing of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

It was hard not to love the new Wonder Woman film, especially Gal Gadot and her performance. I drew Gal as WW once before, but I wanted to do a newer, more flattering pose. For this one, I used marker in the background and then went over it with colored pencil. I also used some marker for her eyes and a white paint pen.

Etsy link for prints:

Whoa Doc! That’s Heavy!

I was paging through a comic book recently and saw this really excellent drawing of a person that bordered on portrait quality while still being comic book art. In the drawing there was great detail where a lot of the features were defined with lines — like where little shadows and minute details would be.

I decided to try out this technique myself. I took a photo off my wall (I have framed 8x10s of movie characters on the wall leading down to our basement) and tried out a sketch in pencil. It wasn’t bad… I was moderately happy with it, but not completely, so I traced my drawing the next night onto marker paper and colored it in. After I was done, I realized I had made some mistakes AND over shadowed it.

I threw it out.

Then I took another photo down and tried it again. This time I TRIED to keep it cartoony and more to shapes, but it’s REALLY difficult. I naturally want to make it a realistic portrait.

I kept working on Michael J Fox as Marty McFly and tried to discipline myself not to overdo it. I may have a bit, but I’m mostly happy with the result. I want to try more of these!




Eject! Operation: Soundwave

Here’s the latest… Continuing with marker drawings after finishing the last pencil portrait. This is a version of Soundwave from Transformers. The source I drew it from was a page out of a comic book (from 2006 I believe)