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Colored Pencil Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) Portrait

picard-star-trek-copyI grew up watching Star Trek (in addition to Star Wars. We can like BOTH, people.), but I especially liked Star Trek: The Next Generation as a pre-teen. I’ve done a couple drawings of original Star Trek characters before, but never anyone from TNG. Picard marks the first… (Although, fun fact, as I was learning to draw, I did a bunch of sketches of the ships from the show. I still have them somewhere…)

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Colored Pencil Drawing of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in “Star Trek Beyond”

Speaking of pop culture characters, I decided to venture into the recent reboot of the Star Trek series to try to tackle the current Captain Kirk. This one was done completely in colored pencil.

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More Original Pieces Up for Sale

It’s time for me to part with some more of my original works. I store them in my portfolios and I realize they’re just being “wasted” hidden in between pages of other hidden works — when people can be enjoying them on their walls or wherever. The pricing depends on how much I really rather keep it, the amount of time that goes into them, the popularity of the actor/character, and what it might cost if it were a commission piece.

Here’s a gallery of all the originals I just added to my etsy store. Once these originals are sold, that’s it! So get them while you can!




Drawing of Leonard Nimoy as Spock in Star Trek


With all the hype surrounding the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, and with the recent completion of my drawing of “Shatner” Kirk, I decided it was a good time to add Spock to the mix.

For this one, like the Kirk drawing, I did all of his skin in regular pencil and then drew his uniform in with Prismacolor colored pencil. I do enjoy these mash-up drawings and will probably do more like that in the near future. However, the next project that I’m working on now will be all pencil.

This one was started on May 24th I believe, and was completed on June 1st.

Etsy link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/152791200/drawing-print-of-leonard-nimoy-as-spock?

Drawing of William Shatner as Capt. Kirk


After Obi-Wan, I received another suggestion for drawing Kirk and decided I liked the idea. I started this and someone asked if I’d be working in the captain color of yellow somewhere, so I decided to do his entire shirt in yellow. That was definitely a challenge but I really enjoyed it!

Etsy store link for prints: https://www.etsy.com/listing/129770276/drawing-print-of-william-shatner-as?ref=shop_home_feat