Dan Aykroyd as Ray Stantz

“Venkman! Venkmaaaaan!”

This portrait of Dan Akroyd from his role as Ray Stanz in Ghostbusters marked my return to portraits in 2004. It’s the first finished drawing I started probably since the Jim Caviezel sketch. While some drawings rested unfinished in a pad somewhere (including Harpo Marx, which thankfully I finished in 2005 and Harrison Ford as Han Solo from Star Wars…….. which I still haven’t finished!), it felt good to get this one finished.

I used a wide variety of pencils for this one, like the others, and used regular acid-free drawing paper. Oh, and for the record: Smoking isn’t cool. This is just a classic shot of Ray from the movie and the photo inspired me to replicate it.

The only memory I have of drawing this one was actually when I visited my old college NCC one night with a college friend of mine who had been taking classes there, but had broken their foot or something and needed a ride to the library. I just sat and worked on the Ray drawing while they did research. Funny the weird random things we remember…

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