Leonardo DiCaprio (Pencil)

There were many reasons, originally, for a second Leonardo DiCaprio drawing. Although I don’t care for him much now, at the time, it sounded great for a… “sequel.” The first Leo drawing, the one I did for my cousin, was distributed to probably over 100 people and further. However, when I scanned it, my name on the sketch did not fit on the scanned image and I didn’t think much of it because I was only originally giving it to my aunt. Well, it was distributed locally in high school in Nazareth, PA and I signed each copy. But my mom’s aunt, who’s a teacher, had distributed copies all over Tom’s River, NJ. It wasn’t too much later that I learned that there were copies on a school library desk in Ohio! So, since my name is not on it and you never know who’s hands it may land into, I drew another, hopefully better, portrait of the ladies’ favorite, Mr. DiCaprio.

The second time around I used pencil, with the darks being done using an Ebony pencil. The lights were achieved with mostly a 2H, & the rest just a typical pencil.

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