Pencil drawing of Evangeline Lilly


Close to finishing Optimus, I wanted to start a new drawing just for pure kicks. I tend to troll the web for inspiring photos to attempt to draw and I had this one on my iPad for months (probably when I was looking for a photo of Evangeline for the first drawing I did of her as Kate in LOST). This source photo was actually a 2010 TV Guide cover I believe. Truth be told, I’d purchased the wrong Bristol paper pad — vellum instead of smooth — and didn’t notice it till I got home from the art store. So I decided to just try this paper again with a just-for-fun drawing. (And, let’s face it, she’s got quite a lovely face for casual drawing!) I want to keep practicing and practicing and I wanted to see if I could really push my detailing.

I found that I like the look of the vellum texture. Looking at the photo above as I type this, I can see the difference — and I wouldn’t want vellum instead of smooth for ALL my drawings — but I definitely see the merit in the vellum tooth of the paper.

After starting this one, I actually started a second drawing project and worked on both this one and that one (more on that soon) on the same nights, just doing a little here and there on each. It was fun because I could take a break from one and just go to the other and back again. I’ll definitely be doing that again.

Etsy link for prints:

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