Ghostbusters / Real Ghostbusters Art Book Submission Mash-Up

In March, 2019, I worked on an exclusive original drawing for an upcoming Ghostbusters-themed art book. It was centered on the original team, which, as many of you know, has long been my favorite movie. I jumped at the chance to do this project. I worked pretty intensely on a concept that brought together the 1984 film team with the Real Ghostbusters cartoon characters from the 1986 television series – with the addition of Stay Puft and Slimer. For this one, I drew it entirely freehand using graphite, colored pencil, marker, and even some pastel for the black background.

Sadly, it wasn’t picked for use in the book. Reasons are that, apparently, although the publisher does have clearance for the RGB guys, the licensors decided to keep the book focused on the film characters. Bummer.

Etsy link for prints:

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