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Freehand Graphite Abigail Spencer Drawing

With the new TV show Timeless being a refreshing addition to the small screen, I felt compelled to attempt another Abigail Spencer portrait. For this one, I tried something completely new for me. I put down a layer of gray marker before going in with the graphite details. I didn’t LOVE the final result, but it was a fun experiment. I may have to try it again sometime… (I also added a touch of colored pencil for her pupils)

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Colored Pencil Drawing of Abigail Spencer

abigail-spencer-copyI absolutely love the new TV show Timeless. Abigail Spencer is one of the main characters, playing a historian traveling through time. And when I wanted to draw her, it was tough to decide on a picture to draw, but I liked this one. The angle was definitely a challenge, but I like how the color turned out.

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