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Pencil Drawing of Evangeline Lilly

evie-hands-copySometimes I see a photo and just really feel inspired to try to draw it. I loved Evangeline Lilly in the show LOST and was honored when she shared one of my previous drawings on her social media channels. But, truth be told, I haven’t been completely satisfied with any of my drawings of her yet. So when I was between drawings, I decided to take a stab at this one (and honestly, I started it once, it wasn’t turning out, so I scrapped it. I then tried again a few nights or a week later). I do kind of like this one, but I still doubt it’ll be the last time I draw Evie 😉

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Colored Pencil Drawing of Evangeline Lilly

Freehand colored pencil drawing of actress Evangeline Lilly (every artist needs a muse, right?)

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Colored Pencil Portrait of Evangeline Lilly (LOST / Ant-Man)

Evie-full-color-copyAfter doing a more “basic” colored pencil portrait of Han, I wanted to venture into more colored pencil portraits. So, as practice, I decided to draw Evangeline Lilly again, but this time all in color. The skin tones were definitely a challenge, but I found it to be pretty good practice.

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Freehand Drawing of Paul Rudd as Ant-Man


After seeing so many inspiring works online, it’s tough to just resort to straight portraits. And after seeing Ant-Man and liking it, it’s tough to resort to a portrait of just Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang or just him suited up as Ant-Man. This one is graphite with colored pencil for the red areas of the suit.

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Pencil Drawing of Evangeline Lilly

Evie-Hair-copyOK, so I have a soft spot for Evangeline Lilly. After drawing dudes a lot, it’s just nice to stare at a pretty face while drawing. This one was a challenge (as usual?), but I enjoyed it. Instead of turning to colored pencil or an Ebony pencil for the darkest areas, I’ve been using an 8B, and really liking the results. But it’s always a challenge not to just be too heavyhanded with stuff, so I have to make sure I just don’t turn into a little kid with a crayon and layer on the black areas. I’m mostly happy with the end result. But, still, there are times when I feel like I could keep working on it forever (something I’m dealing with with the current project)…

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