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Colored Pencil Drawing of Gerard Butler as Marek from “Timeline”

The latest commission piece is a full colored pencil portrait of Gerard Butler as Marek in the movie “Timeline”

Etsy link for prints:


Lebron and Dwayne Colored Pencil Commission Piece


Every once in a while I take a commission project. This one proved more difficult than I’d… hoped. Ha. It was larger than most pieced I do and trying to get everything sized just right (freehand) was so challenging…

Pencil Drawing of Ron Perlman as Vincent from TV’s “Beauty and the Beast”

Beast-VincentI don’t take a lot of commission work mostly due to the time it takes to do a portrait — and so I also don’t necessarily want to draw certain pictures people want me to do. But this one was pretty interesting. I remember my mom being into “Beauty and the Beast,” the 80s TV show when I was a kid. This is actor Ron Perlman (Hellboy) as Vincent.

This was 100% graphite pencil on smooth, 9×12 bristol paper.

Prints of this are on Etsy: