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New Interview and Feature on Creators.co

I just recently was interviewed for a feature on this pretty neat blog called Creators.co — if you ever wondered more about how I got started and about my craft, check out this link. Thanks to John Underdown for the opportunity!



Drawing of Michael Emerson as Ben Linus from LOST


On July 1st I started this one of Ben Linus to add another character to the lot of LOST drawings. Well… I hit the background and shirt and found it very tedious and laborious, so I kept starting (and finishing) new drawings while taking breaks from this one. By the time I finished it on the morning of July 29, 2013, I’d drawn three other completed drawings since starting this one (Lloyd, Egon and Ron).

Sadly, since I started drawing again when I’m not working, I’d been trying to keep projects enjoyable and fun. This was a tough one. I’m quite thankful it’s done…

Etsy link for prints:

Christian Bale as Batman Pencil Portrait

In July, 2012, I felt inspired by the new film The Dark Knight Rises to work on a Batman portrait. I’d actually worked on this before seeing it, and revisited the previous two films in the process. While working on it, I knew I’d wanted to have Batman and Bruce Wayne together — much like the Hulk/Banner drawing — and wasn’t quite sure how I’d accomplish that. Up until near the finish of the drawing, I’d had it where Batman blended into Bruce’s shoulder, hinting that they are one in the same. The problem was that the collar on Bruce was on top of Batman and so the perspective was out of whack. I decided to erase into Batman the design of Bruce’s shoulder and erased a bunch of detail I’d put into it. I then proceeded to fill in extra detail and ghost in Batman through Bruce’s shoulder. I actually really like the final outcome! It was all done with regular drawing pencils.