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Updated Harpo Marx Freehand Drawing

I’ve only done it a few times, but sometimes it feels good to revisit an older drawing and put some time into reworking it with fresh eyes and a different perspective. I’d drawn this some time ago (maybe 10 years ago?) and it had hung in my living room until I recently took it down to put up my new Marx Brothers trio drawing.

When I took it down, I decided to just try putting some more detail into it. I really liked the end result. You can see the original version below…

Etsy link for the new version:

Here’s the original. Same drawing, less detail, less time on it. And I had fixed some proportions in the updated version:


The Marx Brothers Freehand Graphite Drawing

I also¬† wanted to replace a Harpo Marx drawing I had hanging in my living room with a drawing of all three brothers, so I took a stab at this image. When it came time to take down the Harpo drawing… well, I decided on a different route…

Etsy link for prints:

Harpo Marx Portrait

It’s no secret that Harpo Marx is one of my favorite classic actors. When I was unsure of what to choose as my next project, I opted for this gem of a photo as my next source. So here’s my second Harpo drawing…