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Colored Pencil Drawing of Rachel Weisz

I’ve drawn Rachel before, but I haven’t been satisfied with how those drawings have turned out. I liked the source photo for this one — especially with the red in it — and was inspired to take a stab at it.

Etsy link for prints:


Graphite Freehand Portrait of Rachel Weisz

It was hard not to love Rachel Weisz in the 1999 remake of “The Mummy.” I’d attempted a portrait of her once before but was pretty unhappy with how it turned out. This drawing is all graphite, done freehand, on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper.

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More Original Pieces Up for Sale

It’s time for me to part with some more of my original works. I store them in my portfolios and I realize they’re just being “wasted” hidden in between pages of other hidden works — when people can be enjoying them on their walls or wherever. The pricing depends on how much I really rather keep it, the amount of time that goes into them, the popularity of the actor/character, and what it might cost if it were a commission piece.

Here’s a gallery of all the originals I just added to my etsy store. Once these originals are sold, that’s it! So get them while you can!




Pencil Portrait of Rachel Weisz


In late June, 2013, I decided to follow Superman with a portrait of Rachel Weisz, an actress I’ve enjoyed the work of since I first saw her in Chain Reaction and then The Mummy.

For this one, I really tried to push detail again and use various grades of pencils. However, I think I found myself getting antsy and impatient with finishing it. By the last night, I cared less about the detail in the hair than earlier.

But when I scanned it into the computer for posting, I felt like the scan looked a lot different than the actual drawing. It turned out, though, that I definitely had just missed the mark with getting the likeness just right. It’s one of the great downfalls of drawing freehand. You eyeball everything and, after staring at your drawing and the source photo for hours, things start looking just right. Unfortunately, it’s not until you pick up the drawing the next day or later than that that you go “Oh dangit! ___ or ____ is messed up and needs adjusting!”

So, after I scanned it, I took an eraser and pencil to different spots to try to do some last minute fixes. Here’s the final scan. I’m not totally satisfied with it, but I’m “finished” with it, mentally speaking.


If anyone’s interested in a print, please let me know. I won’t be posting it to Etsy at this point otherwise.