Jim Carrey as ‘The Grinch’ (Colored Pencil)

I started this colored pencil drawing of Jim Carrey as The Grinch (2000) during my last semester of college at Northampton Community College in 2000. I remember often just sitting in the school’s cafeteria working on it. I found it a challenge to try to capture the color of the real image from the movie using just colored pencils. I’d done some realistic drawings with colored pencil before – mainly for college – but nothing like this. I’d finished most of the drawing by the end of the year or in early 2001, but I never finished the background. It wasn’t until I relocated it in early 2004 that I actually took a couple pencils to the background, finished it, and cropped the image. So, although this should have made it to this site much sooner than it did, here’s The Grinch…

Colored pencil was a fun medium to use here, but certainly much more challenging than regular pencil. I like the outcome here a lot, too. I started a drawing in colored pencil of Scrat from the movie “Ice Age” years ago that I just simply never finished.

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