New Year, New Site

Last year, almost a year ago actually, I redid “” as a blog to hopefully make it more interactive. Unfortunately, the blog setup I chose didn’t work quite right so here I am again re-submitting my catalog of works into a new site altogether… on WordPress.

Life has been crazy lately. 2010 brought some big changes, particularly the birth of our first child – our son, Will. The little dude just turned 3 months old… and like last year around the holidays, I’ve started to get the itch to draw again.

Part of the problem has been losing my drawing space with the transitioning of our spare bedroom (which contained my drafting table) over to being Will’s nursery. We wedged the drafting table into the only possible corner in my office and it’s quite far from cozy. So that, along with work and family, has made it quite difficult to devote time to drawing. I did work on a new drawing in 2010… sadly, only one… but never finished it. It was a drawing of a live concert photograph that I took, so I was looking forward to that turning out, but I just kind of abandoned it. (I should make a section on here of “Unfinished Works”… what do you think?)

Anyway… I am hoping to make some time real soon to jump into a new drawing… we shall see! Stay tuned to this site for updates and hopefully some new works!


  1. Yay! I’m glad you’re getting back to drawing! Looking through your works is amazing, especially the one of Rebecca St. James! You’re quite amazing, and you can bet that I’ll follow your journey along. 😉

    Take care!

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