Pencil / Colored Pencil Drawing of Singer/Producer/Director Steve Taylor


After finally seeing Steve Taylor in concert, fulfilling a longtime dream, I impulsively decided to draw one of the photos I took at a May 4th, 2014 concert in Manheim, PA. For the concert’s encore, Steve came out wearing his flashy jacket from the 80s and I thought it was too perfect for mixing graphite and colored pencil. I believe the song he was singing here was “We Don’t Need No Colour Code.”

Steve took a break from music for a while, even going on to direct the indie film Blue Like Jazz after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Last year, he launched another Kickstarter campaign that was wildly successful, raising more than enough to put out a brand new studio album with a new band as Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil.

Etsy link for prints:


    • Ha, thanks man. Well, I’m averaging about 1 drawing a week. And sometimes I don’t post them to this site for a few weeks (I just forget). But yeah, I’ve been trying to work in a few drawing hours (or more) a night.

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