Colored Pencil Drawing of Sebastian Stan as The Winter Soldier in “Civil War”

Winter-Soldier-Civil-War-all-color-copySince “Captain America: The First Avenger,” the superhero has quickly become my favorite superhero. In the sequel, his MIA best friend, Bucky, resurfaced as a brainwashed super assassin (hey, it was in the comics) called The Winter Soldier. He made a cool villain, but it was also terribly tragic since he was a villain against his own will. I did a drawing of him around the time that film released, but I wanted to try a newer one in color. So for the release of the third Cap film, “Civil War,” I took a shot at this one. Unfortunately, it’s one of those instances where the source photo seems like it’ll work to me, but then ends up not having enough fine detail for me to work from…

Etsy links for prints:

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