Colored Pencil Drawing of Billy Dee Williams (Autographed)

Can I just say, what a pleasure it was to actually get to meet Billy Dee Williams! It’s hard to imagine that, in one year, I met actors from my two all-time favorite movies! In April, it was meeting Ernie Hudson from Ghostbusters– on my birthday, mind you! Then, as part of our celebrating 22 years of my website, my wife and I went to Boston to meet some of our favorite celebrities. Since Billy Dee was on the schedule, I decided to try to draw him in the days leading up to the weekend. I was pretty pleased with how it turned out too, and I was thrilled to get him to sign it! He was very gracious about it too. And when I mentioned the fact that he’d be returning for episode 9 next year, he commented that it should be fun. He didn’t really look too excited to be at the Expo, to be honest, and when I commented on that to my wife, she whispered, “I’ll get him to smile!” Sure enough, she gushed to him that when I’d introduced Empire Strikes Back to her, she was like “Who is this guy?? He’s so suave and debonair?!” Billy grinned ear to ear. 🙂

Unsigned prints on Etsy:

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