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2017 Topps Star Wars MasterWork Sketch Cards

Over the summer 2017, I drew 46 sketch cards for Topps Trading Cards for their 2017 Star Wars MasterWork series. The cards are a high-end collector’s series that includes random sketch cards from a slew of great artists as bonus cards inside trading card packs. The sketches are the actual drawings randomly spread out across the run of cards. I received 5 back to keep as part of the payment process, but 41 remain in circulation for people to find. The set released November 8th, and a few of mine have started showing up on Ebay being resold by people finding them.

Here’s a batch of some of the cards I drew for this set!


Anakin versus Darth Vader commission piece

As a commissioned piece through Etsy, I did this marker and colored pencil drawing that shows Darth Vader/Anakin battling his Jedi self, with the Emperor pulling the strings in the background. It was challenging, but also kind of fun. 🙂

Etsy link for prints:

Freehand Colored Pencil Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in Star Wars: Rogue One

I get really frustrated with myself with my work. I may like something after I finish it, but I usually find something wrong with it and then don’t like it anymore. That’s what happened with my previous Jyn drawing.

This one… I wanted to do something different and try to incorporate the Rebel U-Wing int he image as well to give it a more unique flair. My comfort zone is to just do straight-forward pencil portraits, but it’s fun, too, to venture outside of that box. However, it’s nerve-racking every time.

The drawing was made with colored pencils with the U-Wing being a mix of colored pencil and graphite.

Etsy link for prints:

Colored Pencil Drawing of Han and Leia (Harrison Ford & Carrie Fisher) from Star Wars

han-and-leia-copySigh. It’s hard to believe Carrie Fisher is really gone…

I use my iPad as a way to display the source photo I’m drawing so I can look at the image and then try to replicate it on the paper nearby (by eyeballing it). Anyway, I keep a folder of images I like that I’d like to possibly draw someday and this was one that was in it for quite a while. Well… with Carrie’s passing, I thought it was time to try it.  (Freehand colored pencil)

It now hangs in our dining room.

Etsy link for prints:

Colored Pencil Drawing of Diego Luna as Cassian Andor in “Star Wars Rogue One”

cassian-rogue-one-scarif-copyI loved Star Wars: Rogue One and wanted to do a portrait of Cassian. This was definitely a tricky one to work on. (Freehand colored pencil)


Drawing of Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This one was really fun. I decided to draw Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso to get ahead of the upcoming film (which I’m super stoked for!), and as I worked on her portrait in colored pencil, I decided to abandon the original background for Darth Vader. And then it just felt right to add in the Death Star… Both Vader and the Death Star are graphite while Jyn is in colored pencil. (All freehand)

Etsy link for prints:

Updated Han Solo Colored Pencil Portrait

While talking to a coworker about this drawing, we wondered why I never just drew the part of his gun that was cut off in the original drawing and put them together for the prints made of it. … so I went home that night and did just that (and reworked his face a little bit and some of the other details). It was kind of fun, and it was satisfying to have fixed it.

Etsy link for prints:

Colored Pencil Drawing of John Boyega as Finn in Star Wars

Finn-copyAfter Rey and Han, I decided to work on Finn… the source was another poster art image, but I decided to give him the Starkiller Base background with snow — as if Finn was engaging with – or about to – Kylo Ren. This one took a bit longer, but it was still fun. It’s done with all colored pencil (Faber-Castell, Prismacolor) on Strathmore Vellum Bristol paper (Which was actually an accident for this drawing. I didn’t notice it was Vellum and not smooth till I was too far into the drawing).

Etsy link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/267219308/full-color-drawing-print-of-colored

Colored Pencil Drawing of Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars

Rey-Full-Color-copyAfter drawing Han in all color – and liking the result (and process), I decided to revisit Rey already and give her a proper color drawing. The source image is just about perfect, with TIE fighters in the distance, but I didn’t want to just replicate it exactly, so I figured removing them and adding a wandering BB-8 would be enough to make it different.

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/listing/267043816/full-color-drawing-print-of-colored

Colored Pencil Drawing of Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Han-Solo-Awakens-Full-Color-copyAfter having drawn a colored pencil / pencil hybrid of Han, I decided I wanted to try my hand at a fully colored pencil Han Solo — with full intentions of hanging it in my basement, where I do all my drawing. So I ended up doing my best to push myself with the detail and color and really try to make myself satisfied with the end result (which is a rarity). For the most part, I’m pretty happy with how Han turned out. 🙂 … and he currently hangs above my TV in the basement. 🙂

Etsy link for prints: https://www.etsy.com/listing/264322064/drawing-print-of-colored-pencil-drawing