Spider-Man Tom Holland Colored Pencil, Marker and Graphite Drawing


This one runs the full spectrum of media creation for me. For several years now, I’ve been drawing album cover art for free MP3 compilations my site JFH has been compiling and giving away. For this one, I wanted to do a drawing of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man with the headphones on – to go with the compilation’s theme of “Songs We’ve Been Trying to Tell You About (And Others We Haven’t)”  [I love long album titles!] – and after completing it, scanning it into the computer, and using it to make the album cover, I used the rest of the paper’s space to make a collage of Tom and Spider-Man in action. For the color areas, I used colored pencil and marker. For the black-and-white areas, I used graphite. And I altered things a bit in the cover art portion – which I’ll include below (And if you want to download the compilation totally FREE, you can find it at www.JFHMusic.com )

Etsy link for prints:

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