Full Color Captain America Colored Pencil Drawing

Graphite pencil is my comfort zone. I started out there, I feel most comfortable there. But it’s pictures like this one that inspire me to go color. It’s a vibrant source photo (a promo for The Avengers movie) and it just aches to be drawn in color. So I decided to take a break from graphite to do my first official Prismacolor colored pencil portrait.

My only other possible colored pencil portraits in the past were done in college. One was as Jim Carrey as The Mask for a mock Wheaties cereal box cover (don’t ask) and the other was Jim Carrey as The Grinch. Both turned out pretty well, but both weren’t really directly people, and both weren’t done with tenacious detail (arguably). So I feel like this was my first official attempt at a colored pencil portrait. Overall, I’m happy with it — enough so that I’d like to pursue more potential projects in the future.

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