Pencil Drawing of Eva Green and Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

Bond-Vesper-ShowerI decided to then return to screen shots and chose this favorite from Casino Royale. While it’s not exactly the happiest scene, I loved the emotion in it and the fact that the hard-hearted, coldblooded killing British spy lets down his guard for a woman he’s literally falling in love with. It was also probably the only time you’ll ever see James Bond in the shower with a woman and all they did was just sit there… fully clothed. I love this scene and hopefully did it justice.

I found the cropping of the scene a tough one to work around and had to use various moments throughout the sequence to put it all together. Also, the scene was shot through a plate of glass, so I actually had to watch and rewatch the scene over and over to catch their movements and work around the glass in the scene to draw just them directly. Definitely a challenging one.

Etsy link for prints:

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